Peniche is a Portuguese city of Leiria district which lies on a peninsula about 10 km perimeter, forming its western end the Cabo Carvoeiro. Peniche has several miles of coastline where you can find a wide variety of beaches of fine sand and clear waters that have up to several kilometres and stretches of dramatic cliffs leaning over the ocean.
For many years the main economic activity of this county was fishing, the Port of Peniche is a major fishing port in Portugal. The fishing port is located on the south coast of the peninsula of Peniche.
Be sure to visit the Fortress (XVI-XVII century), the Churches of N. ª Senhora da Conceição, N. ª Senhora da Ajuda, S. Peter and Mercy, the art of fishing, Cabo Carvoeiro and the Shrine of Remedies (tiled century XVIII), the Caves of Furninha, D. Steps Leonor and the Pedra da Nau dos Corvos.
Peniche is known internationally for exceptional conditions to practice water sports such as surfing, body boarding, among other water sports.
Its highest expression is the natural beach of Supertubos (MEDA Grande), scene of numerous international events and authentic ex-libris for surfers around the world, alongside the world’s best waves.
Its geographical conditions, unique in Portugal, as a peninsula, favour perfect waves, independently the direction of the waves and winds, so the county’s beaches are all a paradise for wave lovers.
Opposite to Peniche, on the west side about 11 miles west of Cabo Carvoeiro lays the Archipelago of Berlenga.
This archipelago is a charming little group of islands (Berlenga Grande, Stelae and Farilhões), located about 45 minutes from Peniche and is now a nature reserve for rare birds, fish and flora. It also has the most crystal clear waters of mainland Portugal attracting divers from around the country.
Mandatory visit: the Caves and Fort St. John the Baptist (XVII) where is installed a home shelter. The island of Grand Berlenga has a camping area, guest’s accommodation and restaurant, along with a group of fishermen’s houses. Read more about underwater Berlengas…