When D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first King, took from the Moors this lovely seaside village planted, Sesimbra lived from agriculture and the centre of town was just the castle. Today, the houses almost touch the sea and fishing and tourism are the activities that engage its more than 45 000 inhabitants.
Be sure to visit the Castle of Sesimbra that after conquest, recon quest and many centuries remains at the top of the stately village. Inside, several ruins and the Church of Our Lady of the Castle are points of interest. If you want to know more, there is in place a documentation centre with all the information about the county and access to the Internet.
In Sesimbra the practice of the fishing craft continues and the fishermen can be seen at the marginal fixing the fishing nets. Those who like line fishing will find excellent conditions, either at the beaches or at the top of the cliffs. The laziest, do not forget to go to the dock, see the arrival of the trawlers full of fish in bright colours under the watchful eye of the seagulls.
Filled with fresh fish are also the good restaurants in the area. It is recommended the Cataplana, seafood and whole grilled fish, including the famous swordfish from Sesimbra.
Beaches abound. You can choose the Bay of Sesimbra, in the village centre, where the sea is calm and perfect for swimming or for those with small children. If you prefer the more extensive beach, stroll the dunes and the sea more daring, than your beach is Meco ranging from near Cape Espichel until the Lagoa de Albufeira. Besides these, there are other beaches, little visited and inaccessible, but a real paradise. The best way to get there is asking the locals for places like the beach of Foz, Mijona or the Ribeiro Cavalo.
If you enjoy other outdoor activities, there are pedestrian hiking routes or in vehicles all-terrain to places like Cape Espichel where you can see footprints and other traces of dinosaurs with millions of years and several endemic species of fauna and flora. You can also visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape and Memory Chapel, build on the stunning cliffs of the cape. From here the view is spectacular over the bay of Costa de Caparica; and a glimpse at the mystical and grandiose mountains of Arrábida and Sintra.
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