Welcome to Portugal

Welcome to Portugal, an oasis in Europe.
Portugal is a modern country located on the west coast of Europe. It shares borders only with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean where are its two archipelagos. Its mainland territory is split by its main river, the Tagus. To the north the landscape is hilly with plateaus interspersed allowing farming. The south to the Algarve is characterized by plains with occasional hills.
Portugal is already a destination for many Europeans who can not resist the warmth and friendliness of the Portuguese, its vast cultural and natural heritage, its internationally renowned gastronomy and its atmosphere, with about 220 sunny days per year and average annual temperature of + – 18 ° C.
The Portuguese coast extends for about 1230 km on the mainland, 667 km and 250 km in the Azores and Madeira, replete with extensive sandy beaches and steep cliffs.
Lisbon is the capital that is increasingly attracting visitors both for its history and monuments (such as the Aqueduct of Free Waters or the Jeronimos Monastery) or by the events of recent years that projected a cosmopolitan city (Expo 1998, Euro 2004 or Rock In Rio). Lisbon is fashion!
The Algarve in the south is the most touristic area of the mainland. The weather and water temperature are the main factors contributing to the great growth of tourism in this region.
The city of Porto is the capital of northern Portugal, a city that has gained a prominent place in the cultural scene and in the country with the emergence of cruises on the Douro River and visits to the Caves of fermentation of the world-famous Port wine.
The Madeira Islands is one of the main tourist destinations in Portugal, throughout the years for its climate and lush landscapes, and for celebrating the New Year with the largest firework display in the world.
The Azores archipelago is notable for its natural beauty provided by its volcanic geology and the sea that embraces it. The highest point of Portugal is on Pico Island with 2351 meters of altitude.
Join us to discover Portugal!