International Mountain Congress CIM2011

Presenting and debating relevant issues in the practice and development of nature tourism and sports in Portugal, already tracing the steps of the three past editions of the congress, the Desnível Adventure Sports Association and the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies, are organizing the IV International Mountain Congress – Nature Tourism and Sports (CIM2011). The event will be held between 18th and 20th November 2011, at the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies. The CIM2011 main goal is to bring together different stakeholders in these fields and to foster debate about topics related to mountain, tourism, and nature sports, given the growing importance of nature tourism and the increasing development of adventure sports. Participation in outdoor activities has experienced an upsurge, at the same time that there has been a major rise in the number of those responsible for promoting these activities, both at associative/institutional and private levels. As a result, there are now growing concerns about mountain regions, especially with regard to protected areas. Examining the potential of entertainment and adventure sports in promoting and reinforcing social integration, autonomy and citizenship, with special regard to populations, is also a concern. Sustainability is therefore a key issue in developing these activities, together with quality of the services provided and the safety of participants, without neglecting the involvement of economic environments and locals. The legislation applied to the tourism sector and to associations and companies related to nature and adventure tourism is relatively recent in Portugal, yet sufficiently developed to establish constructive debate in order to present solutions aimed at filling legal gaps and at addressing some of the sector’s weaknesses. Besides introducing different mountain sports and promoting knowledge and experience exchange among participants, trainers and professionals, the main objective of this congress is also to gather, in a wide debate, the different players that interact in the mountains’ rich and preserved environment. Analysing and discussing relevant models in training, certification and accreditation of professionals and trainers in nature tourism and sports, as well as providing insights into and reflecting on techniques and specialised knowledge in the practice, organisation and promotion of these activities and fostering dialogue about aspects related to the risks inherent in the practice of nature and adventure sports are also important matters to be debated at CIM2011.  Innovation, technical issues, health, physiology in nature sports, nature tourism, tourism related companies, their problems and practices, and risk management, are some of other topics of this forum. In this fourth edition, CIM seeks to provide continuity to this event, to strengthen the underlying internationalisation dynamics of the event’s mission statement, and to foster the promotion of work and research undertaken both in the academic and business fields.


More Information and incriptions at www.cim-estoril.com