FINISTERRA – Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival

Movies like “The House of the Spirits” brought to Cape Espichel actors like Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close. “The Hidden Circle” has brought us Cameron Diaz and Christopher Eccleston in a dramatic scene from the movie. “Hornblower”, a film made on the coast of Sesimbra, Arrábida and Cape Espichel; “Gulliver’s Travels”, “007 In Her Majesty’s Service,” “The Convent” with Caterine Deneuve and John Malkovich, “The Dance of Diamonds” who first introduced the famous song “Strangers In The Nigth”, have increased the list of names who have come here to shoot. With this festival, Carlos Sargedas, owner at Falcão Azul Inc., intends to continue to promote these sites for major motion pictures, showing the world “our” tourist potential, enhancing the international image of Arrábida, Sesimbra and Cape Espichel, attracting new investment in tourism, trying to address the expected flows after the promotion and continuation of this annual event. At the heart of this festival is the conference “Tourism and Cinema” considered as an opportunity for development and promotion of research on the connection between cinema and tourism and will bring to us people who are somehow linked to the two sectors, professional or academic, as is the case of students of tourism or film, as well as directors and producers. To this end, Falcão Azul Inc. has established a partnership with the IPA – Autonomous Superior Institute for Polytechnics Studies, in the context of their courses, particularly in the post-graduate course in Film Documentary, and developed a number of studies, producing and promoting knowledge experiences in various areas of film production, post production, performance, sound, image and web design, graphic design and many others. The Festival objectives are to reward films and audiovisual works that effectively promote tourism, in any of its multiple dimensions: to promote the implementation of good practices in tourism, according to the assumptions of social responsibility and sustainable development; and encourage young people to engage in directing and producing travel movies. The Festival accepts, selects and shows audiovisual productions of three genres: Advertising Movies, lasting up to 2 minutes; Dissemination / Promotion Movies, lasting up to 15 minutes; Documentaries or report movies lasting up to 65 minutes. The jury will award with a trophy, the best films: Best Documentary; Best Dissemination Film / Promotion; Best Advertising Film. The jury also distinguishes with a trophy, the movies that stand out in the following technical and artistic categories: Best Photography; Best Music / Soundtrack; Best Script / Screenplay; Innovation; Best Visual Effects and Post – Production. The Arrábida Grand Prize will be awarded to the film that the jury considers to be the best among all the movies that integrate the Festival nominations (shortlist), regardless of the specific category that competes. To participate in the Festival movies must have been produced in the last two years and must be in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Films in any other language must contain English subtitles. The deadline for receiving films is March 30, 2012.

Regulations, Inscriptions and other informations at the Finisterra official website.