Portugal has a reputation for excellent, modern and well kept golf courses. From North to South, Madeira to Azores, there are over 70 intelligent and challenging greens surrounded by astonishing landscapes. There are places where you can golf overlooking the sea, many in Algarve. Inland courses are carefully landscaped to make the most of the countryside and its views, often incorporating features such as lakes, streams, palms and ancient trees. A great part of Portugal’s golf courses are inside luxury resorts with top class hotels, villas, restaurants, spas, pools and other sports and leisure facilities. Visiting golfers should have a handicap certificate. Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association are the regularly accepted. If you are new to golf, most courses have multilingual teaching professionals to give private and group lessons. Portugal is a great destination for golfing breaks as it is only a few hours flight from the UK, Ireland and other European countries. Being a small country, in Portugal you can play in a different course every day of your vacation and still want to come back for more.