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Medina & Filhos, Lda. – Your rent-a-car in Graciosa Island

Medina & Filhos is located both in the centre of Santa Cruz da Graciosa and in the island’s airport. You can decide between two or four wheels, car or scooter, 4 wheel motorbikes or even a bicycle. They have it all, including sympathy and hospitality. The island is small and it takes only 40 kilometres to drive around. But don’t think there is nothing to see. You will find a week very little to try everything and every view Graciosa has to offer. Medina e Filhos has a vast fleet of cars, including a 7 people van, all recent and in perfect condition for a family vacation or groups. But if you want to sense the smells in the air and the different micro-climates or adventure to less accessible places, a scooter or a 4 wheel motorbike is the better ride for you. If you are in a good shape and like to do it yourself, take a bicycle and enjoy the real sounds of Graciosa. You can hire the vehicles at the airport but there is a possibility they don’t have any available at that moment. It is better to book in advance, and they will have your choice ready to pick you up at arrival. Vehicles are delivered to you and are expected to be returned with a full gas tank. Check our articles about Graciosa Island and Diving Graciosa for more information about this amazing Azorean island.