Portuguese Night really has life! You can expect all cities and bigger villages to have plenty of entertainment. There are many nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, stage shows, folk dancing and music performances. Gambling is allowed and you can find casinos in Lisbon, Vilamoura, Espinho, Estoril, Figueira da Foz, Portimão and Monte Gordo. The elegant Estoril Casino is the most renowned. In summertime there are concerts or Music Festivals nearly every day like the internationally famous Rock in Rio Lisbon, the Paredes de Coura or the Boom Festival. In Lisbon there are several nightspots with everything you need to have fun. Bairro Alto is a traditional neighbourhood where you can find restaurants, bars, discos and Fado restaurants in a very particular atmosphere. Fado is the national traditional music played by a Portuguese guitar that plays the melody and an acoustic guitar that marks the rhythm. Traditional Fado Restaurants are the best place to really enjoy it and there are several in Lisbon. Besides Bairro Alto, there are also the 24th July Avenue and the Docas bars and discos areas. Since Expo 1998, the oriental riverside of Lisbon was totally recovered for the exhibition. Now besides the gardened areas, the telepheric and the new buildings, there are also plenty of good restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, the Lisbon Casino, a shopping mall with cinema and Pavilhão Atlãntico, where the most important concerts and events take place. While in Algarve don’t miss the beach bars jet set parties as they usually invite international artist and DJs. Beach bars all over the Portuguese coast function during the day as beach support services and have their own lifeguards, after sunset they become nightclubs and have parties all summer. Even when they’re crowded is still nice dancing outside in the sand. On winter time everything is calmer at the beach but some places remain fully opened, especially on weekends and holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter and Carnaval. Portuguese bars and pubs are usually open until 2 o’clock in the morning but some may be open until 4 and have live music shows. Nightclubs are open until 4 but some maybe open until 6 o’clock and have theme parties and famous DJs. Gambling and drinking age in Portugal is 18. So if you look younger, take some id. Ok, now You are ready to have fun!