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Restaurant “Garrouchada” – Santa Maria Island – Azores

Restaurant Garrouchada is easily recognizable for its esplanade, in the middle of Vila do Porto’s main street, and the constant in and out of clients. Once you’re there, you can choose between a full range of fast and slow meals, more or less traditional, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack in between or an evening drink.

Staff is really nice and is always in good mood, the service is good and fast and prices are reasonable.

The space is divided in three: an inside restaurant, the bar and an esplanade.

They have a fabulous fish soup and other choice changing every day, which are strongly recommended. Add a “Prego no pão” (a steak in a bread) for a fast meal or a “Bacalhau na telha” for a slower one and you won’t get disappointed. There are also special traditional plates cooked on a wooden oven.


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 Rua Dr Luis Bettencourt
Vila do Porto – Santa Maria Island
Tel. +351 296883038