Madeira Islands

Madeira is a small volcanic origin archipelago located just 500 km from the mainland (Lisbon 1.30h) in the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo Island and the Wild and Desert Islands. The climate is mild with pleasant temperatures all year round.
The landscape is full of lush vegetation, streams and waterfalls inviting to walks locally implemented, also known as “Levadas”.
Often called the “Pearl of the Atlantic, the island of Madeira is entirely a natural park of 728 km2 that saves more than 700 species, some endemic. Its highest point is Pico Ruivo with 1862M of altitude.
Madeira Island is a tourist paradise endowed with all the infrastructures, especially in the city of Funchal, capital of the archipelago.
The sympathy, the natural beauty and mild climate presents some of its main attractions. The traditions and customs also deserve special attention and can be found in museums, churches, markets and even in their regional products. In Funchal you can lose yourself between visits to gardens, art galleries, shopping, strolling the streets and alleys, or simply let yourself get lost in time in a terrace contemplating the vast ocean.
New Year’s Eve in Funchal, has long been considered one of the most spectacular in the world. The city bay, in the form of an amphitheatre, is the ideal place for watching this unforgettable show. At midnight of December 31 the slopes, the sea and the sky are filled with noise, fire, colour, light and hope in the year that’s just born, in an atmosphere of great joy, celebration and excitement.
Each year, in April, take place the celebrations commemorating the flowers of Madeira. At the Flower Festival the main streets of Funchal are invaded by a parade of floats displaying a multiplicity of floral species, leaving the air with soft perfumes. Along these events there are several other initiatives, including the construction of floral carpets, the Flower Exhibition in the Square of the Restoration, folk dancing, classical music concerts and a variety of shows.
The island of Porto Santo, about 40 km from Madeira, is a haven with its 9km of golden sand washed by warm and crystal water, is proclaimed by many the best beach in Portugal.
The Desert Islands, Biogenetic Reserve, is the last refuge of the monk seal, the rarest seal in the world.
Also rare are some of the floral species that inhabit the Savage Islands, which have a nature reserve and are considered bird sanctuaries for nesting of many seabirds.
The archipelago of Madeira offers a real hodgepodge of proposals able to fall in love. Do not miss a visit to this island!