Sines is a Portuguese town in the district of Setubal, with about 12 500 inhabitants.
Sines is situated in one of the best preserved areas of the European coastline. The southern part of the county is integrated in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, which stretches from St.Torpes to the Algarve. It is a place of unique diversity in Portugal and an exciting experience of landscape.
Southwest Alentejo is a sanctuary of plant and animal life. Ospreys, peregrine falcons, crow-billed red, white storks and herons are among the bird species that live or pass through here. In the municipality of Sines, is known that there are otters, which in the Alentejo coast have the particularity of feeding in the marine environment. With any luck, you can see them – or their traces – in the area of Morgavel.
One of the most interesting landscape and environment of the county is the Ilha do Pessegueiro. Used as a port by people like the Carthaginians and Romans, the island is now under numerous species of birds that nest here and protect themselves.
The main beaches of Sines have permanent surveillance during bathing season, are equipped with the proper beach facilities and have excellent health. Beach Morgavel of Vale Figueira, Praia Grande, Praia de Porto Covo and Ilha do Pessegueiro have, in recent years, always been awarded the European Blue Flag. They are excellent both for its natural qualities, either by allowing the frequency to the entire population, from children to elderly.
The cable splits the Sines Alentejo coast in half. To the south are small beaches interspersed with rocks. To the north, are miles and miles of continuous beach, to the peninsula of Troia. Due to sea waves and dangerous sea bottom, the North Coast of Sines is not suitable for bathing, but can provide a rewarding experience for those looking for isolation and the power of the elements. The scholars of fish, abundant in caves are reasons to attract divers and hunters.
St.Torpes is a paradise for surfers of the region. There are surf schools installed an open all year round and offer teaching for all ages and experience levels. You can catch the cane almost the entire county. St.Torpes and North Coast are the favoured areas. Divers and underwater hunters have many places to choose from. In Sines, we can also learn sailing and kayaking. In summer, you can visit the Ilha do Pessegueiro and other areas of the sea of Sines by boat.