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Thermal Spa Carapacho – The lighthouse of your welfare at Graciosa Island

Carapacho Thermal Spa is the perfect place to have a needed treatment or to enjoy has a day spa, alone, with the family or has part a romantic stay. Right between the larger volcano of Graciosa Island and the sea, overlooking Ilhéu do Carapacho, this thermal waters have been used to treat rheumatic, liver and skin diseases since around 1750 and works now together with the Portuguese Rheumatic Institute that ensures doctors at the facilities. All treatments are accompanied by certified therapists specialized in the medical treatments preformed. The water comes from a spring from an aquifer underlying the Furna do Enxonfre (Sulphur Cavern) and emerges at about 40ºC. Immersion baths are the most common treatment and Termas do Carapacho has 16 individual cabins for more private treatments. There is also one larger Jacuzzi for a family or group experience and a pool to enjoy all the benefits of these waters. Other treatments include Scottish and Vichy shower. Floating in (e) motion is an innovative technique that combines the benefits of the thermal waters with exercises preformed by a therapist. Several types of massage will complete your day and you can choose between body modelling, Azorean stone massage and a jazz massage. Carapacho Thermal Spa has the same management with Graciosa Hotel and have packages that include all you need for a treatment stay at Graciosa Island: transfers from and to the airport, transfers to and from the Thermal Spa, accommodation and, if you wish, meals. Carapacho Thermal Spa is located at the village of Luz, works from Monday to Saturday from 10h am to 7h pm and opens seasonally between May and September. Treatment sessions should be booked in advance but we recommend to book even if you are just planning to stay for the day. If you decide to risk and find in place that they are full, you can enjoy the natural pools just by the Spa. The pools are a mix of thermal and sea water, warm, with a great landscape surrounding and, definitely worth the visit.






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